Dress For The Job You Want

One of the things I’ve been working on in my life is thinking before I act or speak.  I mean, not always.  Sometimes I just say whatever the hell I want.  But in situations where my gut response might be better replaced with my rational and well thought out response?  I’ve tried to get better at stifling my gut and thinking things out first.  But you know where I could still use some work?  The part of my brain that immediately reacts to my ridiculous wants.  That’s why, immediately after seeing a picture posted by a friend on Facebook, I had the following conversation:

Me: Is there any way that you will stop at Target and pick something up for me since you’ll already be at Wegman’s tonight?

Todd: Why so vague?  Is it drugs?  A certain vase?  How is it marked?  You in cahoots with someone?  What’s the key word?

Me: Space cat leggings.  I need them before they sell out.

Todd: Seriously?

Todd: You’re just trying to get a laugh out of me, right?

Me: I prefer a large because I hate tight waistbands and for some reason they always double up on the elastic in the waistbands on leggings.  But I will take a medium or an extra-large.  I will make any size fit.  I must have them.

Todd: Why?

Me: Because they are the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Todd: You will literally never wear them.

Me: Um, I’m pretty sure I will wear them ever fucking day.  They are LEGGINGS with CATS in MOTHERFUCKING SPACE.  Look at that sentence.  It’s perfect.

Todd: Where did this come from?  Are you just trying to look cool in front of your friends?

Me: Like my friends ever see me in person…I want them, okay?  I’m my only entertainment.  Those look comfortable and are entertaining.  You’re talking to the person who paid for rush shipping on a unicorn head.  I don’t need a reason.  The heart wants what it wants.

Todd: If they’re $20, I’m not getting them.

Me: I will pay up to $50 for those pants.


They were $15.  And they are delightful. 

I don't know what to say about these.  They really speak for themselves.

I don’t know what to say about these. They really speak for themselves.


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7 responses to “Dress For The Job You Want

  1. Totally worth it!!! Leggings with cats in motherfucking space… couldn’t be more perfect! (Or accurate) ^..^

  2. Jeanne

    Hahahahahah. Man I really love those pants.

  3. I don’t wear leggings and don’t even particularly like cats, but somehow I feel compelled to get a pair of these for myself. What have you done to me?

  4. I just have no clue how you are ever going to beat this. You may lose sleep tonight.

  5. I have weirdly gotten into leggings of late too. Only I’ve taken a dramatically expensive taste in them and have been buying up black milk leggings. If you dig the cats in space you’d love some of BM’s, but be warned they’re bloody dear😦

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